Celebrating Hope

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Today marks exactly one month of sleeping without meds, one month without a single anxiety attack, one month of learning to love myself all over again.

One month of further exploration into the healing power of food. Allowing it to clear my body of toxins, reduce inflammation, and experience its incredible mood changing benefits. But also, a month of continuing to incorporate foods that I love and avoiding food rules that would only set me up for failure.

One month of being kind to my heart. Allowing myself continual forgiveness, patience, and positive self talk. A month of tuning out negativity, the non-believers, and the unfollowers, and finding room for those who lift me up, who encourage, who support.

It was a month of constant reflection. Of gratitude. Of experimentation. Of breathing through tough thoughts, of embracing the happy ones, of boundary setting, of rest.

Did I say rest? This past month was filled with rest. Allowing myself days, if not weeks without a workout. Giving my precious body a break. Allowing it to function the way it was designed to, not overload it, allowing it to recharge so it may continue to provide for me.

I know that a month may not seem long to many if you, but to me it was long enough to provide hope and that alone is worth celebrating.