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My Essential Oils Elevator Speech

I have to apologize.

I feel as though I have not fully done my job.

I have had quite a few people in my life recently ask me –What even are essential oils? Do they actually work? How do they work? How do I use them? Which oils do I use? Why should I use oils?

I realize now that I have put the cart before the horse. I have been encouraging you to buy without giving you a “why.”

So here is my quick and simple “elevator speech” about essential oils including what they are, how to use them, how they work in the body, and information on some of the most coveted, and (for many) most life-changing oils (hint: they also come in your premium starter kit). Please allow this to be resource that you can go back and reference as often as you need to feel confident in purchasing and using your oils.

Cue elevator music…

What are essential oils?

The easy answer – PLANTS!

Essential oils derive from the processes of steam distillation, cold pressing, and/or resin tapping the natural and fragrant compounds in plants (the “soul” of the plant). Oils have been used for thousands of years due to their holistic and curative properties that interact with our own body chemistry spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

How do they work?

Two main ways:

1) Through Inhalation: "When inhaled, the scent molecules in essential oils travel from the olfactory nerves directly to the brain and especially impact the amygdala, the emotional center of the brain." (

2) Through the Skin: In less than 30 seconds, our skin absorbs the small molecules in essential oils, which are then absorbed into the bloodstream. Oils are excreted from the body through our skin as well as through our kidneys and our lungs.

How do I use them?

Three ways:

1) Topically – While many essential oils can be applied directly to the skin, it is best to dilute in a carrier oil (such as Jojoba oil or coconut carrier oil) before applying topically.

2) Aromatically (diffused) – Strive to find a quality diffuser that is BPA free

3) Internally – Young Living prides itself on its Vitality Oils, which are FDA approved to ingest. This is the only brand that I recommend taking internally as other oils may contain fillers or chemicals unsafe to ingest.

Top 12 most sought-after oils described in one word

(Hint: All of these come in your Young Living Starter Kit)

While there are hundreds of essential oils I could choose from, here is a list of some of the most popular. Each of these Young Living specific oils have multiple uses, but, for sake of keeping this simple, I am giving you one word to describe each oil!

1) Stress AwayRelax

2) RavenBreath

3) DigizeDigestion

4) ValorConfidence

5) ThievesImmunity

6) LavenderSleep

7) FrankincenseGrounding

8) PeppermintCooling

9) Peace and CalmingUnwind

10) PanawayMuscle

11) Lemon - Clean

12) Citrus FreshMood

Why Young Living?

4 words: SEED-TO-SEAL-PROMISE – Young Living owns its own farms with distilleries across the World. They ensure that every single product is safe by inspecting the purity throughout the making of each oil. This allows me find comfort in knowing that I am purchasing products that are safe to use around my family and for myself.

I hope you enjoyed my elevator speech. Please let me know if there is anything else I can share to make you feel confident in using and/or purchasing your oils.


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