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Sleepy Time Smoothie

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

I have received several messages lately from friends struggling with insomnia and sleep disturbances. I thought I would share this scrumptious little smoothie recipe with you that has been a sleep-inducing dessert I have been enjoying. Sleep tight sweet friends!

· 1/2 cup of frozen cherry blend - tart cherries contain natural melatonin that can be used to improve sleep without any side effects (I use an organic fruit blend from Sprouts, but, you can find at most local grocery stores)

· 1-2 kiwi(s) – kiwi has been used for centuries to treat insomnia

· ½ cup of plain, unsweetened kefir – Kefir can help restore your gut health, which is essential for good sleep (My favorite kefir brand is Lifeway Kefir)

· 1 cup of non-dairy milk – (I am loving Milkadamia unsweeted macadamia nut milk lately, but any non-dairy milk will do)

· 1 cup of ice

· Splash of water for desired smoothie consistency

Blend all ingredients and enjoy!

*Quick notes:

1. Fruits are able to maintain their nutrient content even when frozen

2. The fiber in fruit has a gelling effect in the stomach and small intestine, which slows the release of sugar thereby balancing your blood sugar levels so you do not have to worry about an insulin spike before bed

3. Aim to drink this smoothie at least two hours before bed to allow your body to digest and allow efficient sleep onset

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